Sunday, July 13, 2014

Things are growing well on the allotment

a small pumpkin

An even smaller pumpkin, both in the greenhouse

Bramley apples on our little apple tree

More apples on the little tree

Tomato and pumpkin happiness in the greenhouse

More tomato happiness in the other greenhouse

Everything is growing well on the allotment. Except for the potatoes, which are going yellow and dying off. I don['t think they've had enough water:

We've started digging the potatoes and had our first lot yesterday with lunch. They were very delicious. We also had peas, baby broad beans, baby button squash and carrots, plus I used one of last year's apples to make apple sauce. So our vegetably and fruity ingredients were all home grown.

The Under Gardener has finished picking the peas at home. The broad beans aren't quite big enough to pick yet. But he has also picked all the red currants. There are mountains of gooseberries to come, and still raspberries and black currants.  It looks as though we should have a good apple harvest and a reasonable pear harvest.  However, there are very few plums and pretty much no cherries. Some years are just like that!

We've put a late planting of peas in, just to see what happens.  I've also planted out my tiny capsicum plants which had been left, forgotten and struggling in the greenhouse. They're looking much happier now, but it may be a bit late for us to get much in the way of fruit.  We'll see.

The flower garden has gone bonkers and is running rampant everywhere.  I really must do something about it!  I'll get some (hopefully "before" and "after) photos of it in the next few days.

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