Monday, June 23, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Sunday ...

This was possibly because Friday looked a lot like Saturday!

I had taken the day as time in lieu for the trip to Edinburgh. And very lovely it was too.  The sun shone and the weather was very pleasant.  We did indoor things and outdoor things and pottered about - and failed significantly to get ready for our forthcoming visitors.

All of this mean that Saturday had a very distinct Sunday feel to it.  I got up and did largely Sunday things (although the radio was not playing Sunday programs!).  It became even more confusing when my parents, who I speak to at 6:30 on Sunday evenings, Melbourne time, called me at 6:30 pm, Melbourne time on Saturday!  I was never going to get the days sorted out after that!!!

And then it was Sunday.  Really.  I spoke to Stella and Tony again. We did Sunday things again. I made this for Sunday breakfast:

Soda bread, which I filled with tomato slices and strips of bacon

And then we went off to Tabitha, Gareth and Cally's place for a Sunday afternoon barbecue.  The weather was kind and the big, black clouds that blew over from time to time didn't drop any rain. And we ate lovely food and had a good time.

Now it's Monday.  We still haven't got ready for the visitors, and they're coming tomorrow.  But I'm sure that all will be well.  We have food and wine and we will have beer by then.  There will be places for them to sleep. I doubt they're going to do a white glove test for dust (I would strongly advise against that if they want to keep their white gloves pristine!).  And after I finish work this afternoon - I am off until the 1st of July, which sounds like a long time away but is, in fact, only a week!
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