Monday, November 25, 2013

And another expensive weekend

although, in truth, nothing like as expensive as the previous one!

We wanted to go down and see The Builder's mother sometime around Christmas.  December wasn't looking like a good option - mostly because we seem to be quite busy. The Old Mill had a Dinner, Bed and Breakfast deal for Saturday night which was quite reasonable, so I booked it.

We trundled down to Salisbury on Saturday afternoon and booked in to the Old Mill. It was quite misty and atmospheric around the meadows by the river. You can see why Constable thought it was a good place to paint! And dinner was delightful. We thought that, given it was a deal, we might be restricted in our choices.  But no. We could make merry with the entire menu. So I had scallops poached on a stick of lemon grass, and a magnificent piece of steak and a truly lovely cappuccino crème brulee. But I really rather wished I had ordered the fish dish once our main course arrived.  The Builder did - and it came with a piece of hake and a load of scallops and mussels and prawns and garlic potatoes and veg.  It looked AMAZING! Next time.

We caught the second half of the Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary special when we got back to our room. Fortunately I had it set to record at home so we can watch the whole thing.  I have a suspicion that it might make a bit more sense if we see it from the beginning.  Not a lot more sense, of course - this is Doctor Who after all.  But a bit.

On Sunday we breakfasted at The Old Mill (and I had the foresight to have a light breakfast, unlike some of us who greedily chomped into a full Full English!) and then we gathered up Gwen and took ourselves off to see Jeanette, Matthew, Rebecca and Evie and (as a pleasant surprise) Ian. Gwen hadn't been to the new house before, and hasn't seen Ian for a long time, so she was very happy.  Evie (who is 6) and Matthew (who is not 6) had made us a chicken and ham pie, which they often have on Boxing Day.  I have to say that it was very delicious and I was very glad that I had had the foresight not to have a huge breakfast!. I shall remember that pie for a later occasion. I shall also remember the scallops skewered on lemon grass. lemon grass is one of my current favourite things.  I could replicate the scallops on lemon grass skewers.  And I think it would work quite well with chicken breast pieces as well.

We had a lovely afternoon. Then we took Gwen home and made our way back to Tupton. Marlo was quite pleased to see us.  I assume the ducks and chooks were OK. It was very definitely dark by the time we got home at 8:30. It was also cold and a touch windy. So we didn't arm ourselves with a torch and go down to inspect them.  But Steve had been in in the morning.  I'm sure he would have said something if there had been a problem.

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