Thursday, April 11, 2013

Well that didn't work

And it was never going to, not really.

You would think, when I announced that we were about to leap back on the wagon on Monday, that at least one of you might have pointed out that this week contained a birthday!!

And as everyone knows, you can't be on a diet when it's your birthday week.  And it's positively illegal to be on the wagon, unless you don't drink alcohol at all.  And there was no hope at all when your parents in law give you this as a birthday present:

And if The Builder was going to be eating, drinking and making merry, then I most definitely was too!

So, we went out for a birthday celebration here:

and we ate this:

 and drank this:

And of course there was wine and beer left over at our place and it would have been wasteful to leave it. And then it was oh-so-nearly the weekend so there was no point going back on the wagon just for a day or three.

We'll have to start again next week :-D

The Birthday Boy

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