Monday, March 25, 2013

Bloody Mice

Ok, Ok.  I KNOW the kitchen needed properly clearing out.  I was aware that the cupboards needed cleaning and that the doors and drawer facings needed scrubbing.  I am fully cognisant that the tiles need scrubbing.  Sigh!  All these things are on my spreadsheet to do during the week I have off over Easter (alongside the Cooking spreadsheet - there are many meals to cook, plan and prepare for as well as cleaning to be done).

So I was really not best pleased on Saturday morning to open my cutlery drawer (a drawer which is opened about a million times a day, so hasn't been sitting undisturbed for a Miss Haversham length of time) and to find unmistakable evidence of the presence of a mouse.  Huge big sigh.

Fortunately I was not now doing anything particularly pressing over the weekend, so devoted myself to turning out, cleaning, sorting, washing or otherwise fumigating the contents, generally organising the cupboards in the kitchen.

It also meant that The Builder and I finally got around to removing the sliding shelves in the cupboard under the kitchen bench, which have never worked properly and which prevented us reaching to the back of the cupboard.  This also left us with some rather nice chrome baskets for organising things into. And The Builder has started scrubbing the cupboard doors and the drawer facings, so they too should be beautiful and dust- and grime-free soon.

So now we have beautifully organised, ordered and shiny cupboards, with dust, grunge and mouse evidence all removed.  And that's another big job I can cross off my Easter List of Things to Do.

But no.  There remains evidence that a rather large mouse family is in permanent residence in the walls and cupboards and drawers (although not in the "outside" part of the kitchen - there is no evidence at all that mice are roaming at large on top of the benches or on the floor, or anywhere that the humans or the feline habitually go).  Mouse eradication procedures are under way.  And the cupboards and drawers are back on my spreadsheet. Although this time it shouldn't be quite such a huge project.  Just a nice clean and a disinfection.  Oh - and another washing of any of the contents that had been put back.

Everything should be beautifully sparkly, germ-free and tidy for the Easter feasting!!

(Unless, of course, you are a mouse)

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