Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Foodie Weekend

It's just as well we suspended our pre-GWT diets this weekend for there was a lot of food.  A very great deal of food.  A positive gargantuan mountain of food.

We went to Wiltshire for the weekend and stopped for Saturday lunch at The Swan in Stoford, where we were supposed to be joined by Barb.  Alas - she had taken a fall a few days earlier and decided not to join us after all.  But we stopped for lunch anyway and had a really rather nice plate of pollack and chips each.  I do like a nice piece of pollack!  Then we called into the Wilton Garden Centre just because we quite like it and then mosied on to Barb's place in Warminster.  Warminster, for those who keep asking, is about 45 minutes drive west of Salisbury.  There were snacky things at Barb's place.  And wine.  And there was Carribbean style steak for dinner.

My kind of B&B!
But the bulk of the feasting was on Sunday.  The Builder and I went in the morning (after a visit to Barb's personal Waitrose store at the back of her place) to Salisbury and collected Gwen, The Builder's mother. We took her back to Barb's place where Barb had spent all morning peeling and chopping and blending and mixing and roasting and simmering and had produced this

Christmas lunch in November
We, of course, will be in Australia at Christmas and Barb and her brother Greg might not have the opportunity to see Gwen for Christmas so Barb had decided to do us all an early Christmas lunch with turkey and roasties and sprouts and the Christmas table cloth and Christmassy napkins and all sorts.  It was exceptionally delicious and very convivial.  A lovely Christmas in November

Happy lunchers

Barb and Greg also happily lunching

Hmmm - you don't seem to be eating your parsnips Frances.  I'll have them instead!

Yum, yum, yum, yum

Thank you Barb for a lovely lunch
 And then we took Gwen back to Salisbury, narrowly avoiding been held up in Warminster for the Remembrance Day parade.  We got out a few minutes before the roads were closed.

You would think after all that that we would have been dieting all the more vigorously this week.  So far that hasn't happened.  And it doesn't look like it's going to.  Back to it with extra vigour next week - when there will be only two weeks to make my summer clothes fit nicely :-D
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