Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stella update

The news from Melbourne is that Stella has had her bypass, replacement heart valve and repaired aneurysm operation and is now more or less awake and doing Quite Well. Lindsey says that the intensive coronary care nurse seems quite cheerful. So - so far so good. If there are to be any setbacks or problems they are most likely in the next 24 hours, but at the moment there is no real reason to expect anything untoward to happen. Hoping fingers still hoping, of course, but we can probably pretty much expect Stella to bounce back in about 6 weeks time - her surgeon said before the operation that she would be a New Woman. Sherry or gin all round in Melbourne, then. Bit early here. Gin for breakfast is not entirely encouraged at SHU, alas.

I have had a falling out with eBay. Grrr. They keep sending me emails telling me that my account has been compromised and that a "third party" has learned my password and that I might have unwittingly given it to Evil Doers by responding to a phishing email or whatever. And when I ask how they know this they tell me that they Just Do and that they are sure I understand that, for security reasons, they can't possibly divulge how they know. But you know - it seems quite an extraordinary coincidence that this Evil Doer always learns my password when I have logged into my eBay account at work using a PC which is not my regular one or when using my laptop when I'm away from home. And this last time, when I tried to reset my password (again!) it all went horribly wrong and now it won't let me do it again. A very grumpy email to eBay was responded to with a series of questions which I am not really inclined to answer; not because I'm doing anything nefarious, not being an Evil Doer myself - but my banks and Amazon and even PayPal don't ask all these questions - or, indeed, suspend my account when I log in in odd places, though the bank does sometimes email me and ask if it was really me, which is not irritating at all but Very Sensible of it (puff, puff, puff - takes a deep breath and calms down). And I can't see why eBay can't be equally sensible. So. I'm off to find other places to buy all those things that you suddenly realise that you desperately need but can't get anywhere else. Like Amazon, and Lakeland, and I Want One of Those (though I try not to visit that site all that often, because then I find that I *do* want one of those when I had shortly before been entirely ignorant of its existence!)

There is an extraordinarily irritating beeping noise coming from downstairs. I think that someone must be testing the anti-theft barriers. I may have to go down and throw the anti-theft barriers out the window if the beeping keeps up!

There is raspberry ice cream at our place this evening, if anyone fancies it. I made it with raspberries from the garden :-)

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