Tuesday, June 26, 2007

PS to the flood story

It seems that when, yesterday early evening, they closed the station, people were evacuated into our student refectory. Staff who couldn't get home were also put up there. One of those staff was Sandy from L5, who lives in the block of flats next to the ones that Freyja used to live in. His flat was fine - he just couldn't get to the front door of the building. Freyja says she was waiting for this flood the whole year she lived in her flat - but I think she would have found it more exciting had she been inside the flat looking out rather than outside the flat looking across a raging torrent towards it. She might not have thought to come and see if we were putting up evacuees in Rollers! Taffa's mate Pete was stuck inside his flat in the same sort of area.

I was supposed to be involved with the South Yorkshire Higher Education Summer School this week, where 16 year old kids who have just finished their GCSEs in schools who do not traditionally send their students on to Higher Education are invited to come for a week's taster experience. Yesterday about 19 out of an expected 60 turned up. Weather had deterred the rest. The ones who did turn up had dreadful trouble getting home, for the schools they come from are mostly in the north and east of the City, where the worst of the troubles have been. Mostly their parents wouldn't let them come in today - largely I assume because it's not possible to get here from there today. And now the whole week has been cancelled - the forecast for the end of the week is not absolutely wonderful. Oh well. Hope the group who are coming in July have a better experience!
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